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Yu Hin
Bryan Goh
Bryan Lee

22nd July
Today was interesting as we managed to start on our weather balloon. My job was to fix the code and i managed to do it. Kenric was in charge of making the anchor hoop and BG was in charge of taking pictures of what we have done today. I feel that after I was done with the code I could have helped my team with cleaning up the mess as the styrofoam flew everywhere. All in all, I think my team has been very productive today as we managed to complete all our objectives we have set for today.
Today's lab session was an
exciting one as our group had
finally started on our ISS project.
I left the programming and coding
tasks to be completed by Yu Hin.
I assisted in helping Kenric to build
the housing for our balloon by
clearing up the mess (styrofoam
scattered everywhere) so our group
has less to clear up after the
session. I was also in charge of
taking pictures of the procedures
of whatever we've done today.
Today was a great day. We have finally started on our ISS project. I assisted in helping to do part of the GANNT Chart and helped Kenric to tape our styrofoam discs. However, in the process, there was styrofoam everywhere, on the floor and on the desk. Thus, we had to clear up for our mess.
Today was a rather
productive day. Our
group managed to
settle most of our
objectives for the day. In
addition to that, the code was
fixed by Yu Hin and I
managed to do up the anchor
hoop of the balloon. After that,
however, styrofoam residues were
all over the place. I feel
that i could have done more
during that time although
we had accomplished most
of the things that we had to do.
Despite all these, I really
had a nagging feeling that
somehow something might
have gone wrong but I think
I will find out tomorrow.

23rd July
Today, my team was very cooperative and we managed to complete our objectives. BG was in charge of making the housing and also for neatening up the the tape we pasted on the base. Then, he also helped us take pictures of our completed work. Kenric and I did the connecting of the sensors. We were unsure of how to do it as we have never worked with the sensors before, thus we took a long time to find out ways to connect the sensors to the arduino. However, we did a reasonable amount of work today. Bryan Lee was in charge of checking on the weather conditions of various countries around Singapore to allow us to predict the results we would get when we put the balloon up in the sky. I feel that today was rather meaningful but I believe if me and Kenric had checked how to connect the sensors to the arduino the day before, we could probably have done more things today.
Kenric and YuHin were busy programming the
Arduino and sensors that Kenric and myself
had bought yesterday. And being unfamiliar with
programming, I decided not to interfere too much
and helped the team by touching up on the base
of the balloon. I had made the "stands" on the
base which are supposed to support the housing
more stable and aesthetically pleasing. Again, I
helped the team to take pictures of what we have
done as "decoration" for our log book and clarity
for the people reading it.
Today was an extremely meaningful day. Our group was very productive overall. We have done about half of our construction and in order to do so, Kenric assigned me to buy batteries from the bookshop. Afterwards, he assigned me to research on weather patterns of various countries. This is to give a rough gage on what our results should look like when we put up the balloon in the sky.
I finally found out the cause of the "nagging feeling"
today. The code had a minor bug in it causing the
data not to print on the serial monitor. Nevertheless,
I felt that today was yet another productive day
leading my group one step closer to completion.
I worked on the arduino with Yu Hin and managed to
re-route the cables to connect the radio link set to
the arduinos. Bg also managed to touch up more on
the balloon stand and BLee did a really great
research on the weather conditions and how the
humidity, pressure and temperature changes
accordingly, giving us a great gauge on what to expect.
In short, today was a great day with accomplishments
fulfilled and also a rather satisying one too. It could have
been better had I did prior research to how to connect the
radio link set though.
24th July
Today, I felt that we were not as productive as the other days as Kenric and I were unsuccesful in fixing the code. BG however managed to do a lot today. He strengthen the anchor hoop and attached the housing to it. Bryan Lee also helped Kenric and I to fixed the code but I believe we could have done more. Even though today was a bad day, I think my group has learnt to be able to work around challenges. Hopefully, the other days would not be so unsuccessful.
The fragile anchor hoop was a big worry my team and I.
After planning a drop test for tomorrow, I decided to step up and
strengthen the anchor hoop by taping 3 cut chopsticks onto
each of the straws to form a triangle. I am incredibly satisfied with
the work with what I've completed as I knew this was a large
improvement to our design. It was a lot of work as I had to mark
out the length of each chopstick such that the housing still fits
Today was an acceptable day with many ups and downs. The ups was that we have finally built the structure of the setup that will be sent up in the sky. The structure was done with styrofoam and straws and satay sticks. However, the downs were that we were unable to find the codes for both the transmitter and the receiver which is a big problem. WIthout the codes, we will not be able to link the balloon to the computer.
That nagging feeling i had on the first day came back.
The code didnt really work out the way it was supposed
to and now we have to find out what went wrong again.
Nevertheless, Bg finshed up most of the housing today while BLee
helped YuHin and I to find out how to properly connect the RF links.
Although we were pretty much unsuccessful today (except for Bg.
he was great.), we learnt a lot on problem solving and how to work
our way around difficulties.
25th July
Today, our whole group decided to just work on the base as it would be easier than coding. We strengthened the base and dedided to do a drop test to test the strength of the base in case of a fall. As the arduino has a fragility like an egg, in the next drop test we would place the egg in the base and see if it cracks. The base only bent a little when we dropped it but we would like to strengthen it as the height the balloon is going to reach is higher than the height we dropped the base from. We made a big step forward today and I hope we can do the same for the other days.
As I've done most of our model the day before, I decided to let my group complete the base of it today. When we were finally able to do our first drop test, all of us were extremely excited. It was quite a success since there were no major "injuries" to our balloon. The strengthen of the anchor hoop i've done the day before proved to be extremely useful and therefore my team was satisfied with the result.
Today was wonderful. We have finally done our sturcture
and everything was very firm. We have done our first drop
without any balloon or weight. The structure did not break
or collapse. Only the internal styrofoam bent a little. Also,
we will be doing our second drop next lesson with eggs.
I also helped Kenric with the tying of the structure for today.
Well today was fun. For starters, the whole lot of us
decided to just focus on the housing for today so that
we can have one less thing to worry about. It gave us
all a break from coding and also exposed certain flaws
in the design [take strength, for example]. however,
now that we know what went wrong, we can now solve
the issues that we faced with our new findings. The next
lesson, we will test out the housing again, this time with
an egg inside to simulate the situation of the arduino
during an emergency crash. So far, I feel that today was
a real good lesson and taught me to look deeper into
details before assuming that the thing will be okay.
Nevertheless, we did make good progress
and I guess thats a big plus
29th July
Today, I brought 2 eggs to school so we could use it in the drop tests. Unfortunately,
both drop tests failed. On the first one, the egg cracked and our housing was filled with
egg yolk. I was saddened to find one of the chopsticks that was actuaing as a support for
the structure broke and decided to fix it immediatel by attaching more chopsticks to it,
thus giving the support more strength and reliability. We tried to attach several pieces of
styrofoam on the housing for our 2nd attempt in hopes that the egg will have more
cushioning, and not crack due to too much force. However, the second drop test failed
too and this was indeed quite demoralising for the team. We decided to make further
improvements tomorrow as there wasn't much time left.
Honestly, today had many downs but at least we knew our mistakes in our structure.
We did two tries today with two eggs. One was attched to the housing with electrical
tape and the other was wrapped in a plastic bag. On our first attempt, we dropped the
structure and the egg cracked and the whole setup was filled with egg yolk. Also, the
satay stick of our support snapped and thus we had to rebuild it again. On the second
attempt, we even attached styrofoam on the outer surface of the housing and the egg
was wrapped in plastic bag. The structure flied downwards slowly and only in one
direction. Thus, we learnt that we need to use styrofoam for proper flight. The egg cracked
in the plastic bag and thus there was no mess in the second attempt. We wanted the
structure not to get damaged at all and the egg should not crack.
Finally today we did an actual drop test to emulate the effect of how the arduino would
turn out using an egg. With the results of the previous drop yesterday, we expected the
egg not to crack but, to our dissapointment, it did. Twice. These results gave us a bigger
platform for troubleshooting so that we can try to improve on how we can keep the arduino
safe in case of any emergencies and hopefully, when the emergency strikes, we can save
the arduino. However, we also must not ignore the programming of the arduino as that is
the most crucial part of the balloon but for now, we would be working on this as an
additional safety measure.
30th July
Today, we made a new base and did two drop tests but again it ended with failure. We created a new cusshioning system and we felt that it would work as it was so light, however we were wrong. The eggs cracked upon hitting the grounf like before. Thus we concluded that there was not enough cushioning and added more styrofoam and newspapers to the package we wrapped up that contained the egg. At the end of the day, we decided that it would be a waste of time to continue to dwell on the cushioning of the package so tomorrow would be the last day my team would work on the cushioning and we would complete the cushioning in our own time. Meanwhile,we would do other things such as programming and attaching the balloon to the base.
We hadn't made much progress today in terms of result as both of our drop tests
failed, again. We decided to remodel our design, in hopes that it will provide us
with a better result but to no avail. We placed the egg between 2 pieces of
styrofoam and filled the housing with newspaper, but, the egg still cracked.

My group decided that we shouldn't focus too much on the drop tests as if the
balloon is reliable and works, our model won't drop to the ground and the
arduino won't break. Tomorrow will be the last day dedicated to modelling
our design towards the safety of the arduino and I really hope that things turn
out well
Today was just like yesterday. Sigh.. We did two tries
with two eggs again. This time, we sandwiched the
eggs between two pieces of styrofoam and wrapped it
in newspaper. However, the egg still cracked. On the
second attempt, we added styrofoam to the empty
spaces in between the two styrofoams and placed the
structure in the housing. We then stuffed newspaper into
the housing to reduce the impact of the fall. My group
was confident that the egg would not crack this time
round but the egg still cracked.
I guess the troubleshooting did not really help much
today. The egg still cracked anyway. However, we
were much closer to making the perfect safety for
the arduino today as Yu Hin suggested the brilliant
idea of encasing the egg snug in between pieces of
styrofoam, reducing the impact on the egg greatly.
Although this helped a little, it was not enough to
prevent the egg from smashing into the ground
without splattering. This helped us to have a better
design plan, however, as this exposed some flaws
and the things that could have been done better.
I just hope that tomorrow (coincidentally the last day
of our drop tests) would be much better than the last

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